Terms & Conditions




  1. Quotations will only be binding upon Matheson Damp Services Ltd, if accepted in writing electronically or otherwise within a period of ninety (90) days from the date of issue. Quotations for remedial treatment submitted by us do not allow for redecoration, unless noted in our specification. Any quotation is based upon the assumption that the existing plaster work does not exceed 25mm (1″) thickness.
  1. Skirting Boards should be removed by the client prior to commencement of works unless included in our quotation. Whilst all possible care will be taken in the removal of skirting boards, we cannot be held responsible for any damage howsoever caused. Our staff will not re-fix the existing skirting boards unless agreed otherwise. However in some cases the skirting boards may be affected by wet rot (as a result of damp walls) or broken during removal, Matheson Damp Services Ltd has no liability in re-fixing these defective boards unless otherwise agreed.
  1. Floor coverings, obstructions, household items etc. The client is requested to have all floor coverings removed and where necessary wall obstructions, furniture, radiators, and fixtures removed for a distance of at least 2.5m from the walls to be treated prior to the attendance of our technicians. No allowance is made in our quotations for preparation and protection works to these, unless it was specified. This work must be undertaken prior to our arrival to avoid additional expense and delay. Where such items or flooring remain in place, treatments may be limited to accessible areas only. Whilst all reasonable precautions will be taken to avoid the spread of dust from the work area, it is inevitable that the property will require further cleaning works by the client upon completion of works.
  1. Matheson Damp Services Ltd or its servants accepts no liability for accidental loss, damage or injury to the premises to be treated or any adjoining premises, or the contents of any such premises, or for any nuisance caused to the owners or occupiers of any such premises and the client shall release and indemnify Matheson Damp Services Ltd from and against all claims arising from such loss, damage or injury.
  1. Damage to interior decoration and paint. Whilst Matheson Damp Services Ltd shall use its best endeavours to avoid any such damage there is always a risk of discoloration of ceilings and particularly polystyrene tiles fixed to ceilings etc, arising through the treatment of ceiling joists. Redecoration should not be attempted until the preservation has dried thoroughly.
  1.  Any damage to the ceiling structure, whether or not in the roof space in which Matheson Damp Services Ltd staff have to carry out work is structurally in a weakened condition through insects or fungal attacks or for any other reason, Matheson Damp Services Ltd shall not be responsible for any damage to the same or electrical wiring which has become apparent or been sustained in the building or buildings in the course of the treatment.
  1. Collapse of insecure brickwork during work by Matheson Damp Services Ltd. If after the commencement of work, unforeseen difficulties arise due the collapse of insecure brickwork or to irregular bonding of the brickwork, or any other cause, the additional unforeseen work found to be necessary will be charged extra.
  2. Damage to any wiring/cables or pipes within any space including walls and rendered over, will not be covered.
  1. The Client is advised to (1) to remove from the premises any liquids or food-stuffs liable to contamination during the course of treatment (2) not to replace carpets or floor coverings until the chemical has evaporated (3) not to lay vinyl floor coverings on floors that have been treated without first obtaining the floor covering manufactures recommendations (4) After the insertion of a damp proof course the walls may still contain high levels of water which must be allowed to dry out naturally. Complete drying out depends on the wall thickness and its porosity, the quantity of moisture and the ventilation over the surface of the walls (5) Non- vinyl moisture permeable emulsion paint can be used after approximately 6 weeks. Impervious type wall coverings such as vinyl and washable papers or paints should not be used until the treated walls are fully dried out. Full drying out may take up to one month for each 25mm thickness of wall (6) Hair line cracking of the setting coat may occur after re plastering has been carried out. This will not present a problem regarding the efficiency of the new plaster and should be made good when decorating. The drying of the plaster must not be accelerated, i.e. dehumidifier, heaters, etc in any way as the render may crack thus allowing residual moisture to come through. We cannot accept any responsibility for this. Care must be taken to ensure that renderings, waterproofing/tanking are not damaged by fixings or skirting’s etc. Tanking and waterproofing render systems are designed to be an impervious barrier to moisture. The systems must not be punctured or damaged by construction, building or other works without prior written consent by Matheson Damp Services Ltd, and the property must be kept watertight and well maintained by the client. Failure to comply will invalidate the Guarantee. Our Guarantee will not be valid until re-plastering in accordance with our specification has been carried out. Our Guarantee extends to the areas rendered & plastered by us only and does not include any abutting walls or plaster/ render carried out by others, adjoining our works. If inset timbers are left in situ to areas affected by dampness, such as and not limited to, door / window frames or staircase timbers, our Guarantee will not apply to the junction between timber and plaster unless a functional physical Damp Proof Membrane between timber and plaster is in place. (7) Due to rising dampness, salts contained with the ground water are absorbed into masonry and subsequently into the plaster coats. If the rising dampness has been extensive the plasterwork can lose key and visual evidence of this contamination may be seen. In such circumstances this render/plaster must be removed. Therefore, in this situation, with sound plasterwork, there is scope for considerable saving in time and expense by not having to re-plaster these areas. If the area does not dry out in 6-12 months, then it will need re-plastering.
  1. Matheson Damp Services Ltd will not accept responsibility for any damage that may occur whilst working on structurally weakened timbers or other material. We will not accept responsibility for damage which may be caused to adjacent or adjoining walls or objects in near proximity to the above mentioned walls which may be affected by vibrations during the course of remedial works.
  1. In accepting this quotation and instructing Matheson Damp Services Ltd to proceed with the work contained therein the Client will be deemed to have personally accepted the Company’s Terms and Conditions and undertaken the responsibility to pay the amount due to the Company immediately on completion of the agreed work.
  1. Matheson Damp Services Ltd accepts no responsibilities for the accuracy or otherwise of the survey report if it has been made free of charge and does not constitute a full Building Condition survey. The report does not express an opinion about uninspected areas or advice upon the condition or risk to concealed parts of the property and should not be relied upon to do so. We recommend that you should obtain a Building Condition survey from a Chartered Surveyor prior to exchange of contracts on your purchase. Our inspection has been carried out to the accessible areas only. We draw to your attention, that unless otherwise indicated, walls obstructed by fitted units, tiles and/or dry lining and floors covered with any material have not been inspected and are therefore excluded from our report. Where works include the party wall, clients should consent with neighbours (Party wall etc, act 1996).
  1. Matheson Damp Services Ltd accept no responsibility for failure to report on any condition which is not visible at the time our inspection was carried out.
  1. It is the responsibility of the client: (a) to attend to and rectify all external sources of moisture ingress such as external render, surface and sub-surface drainage, rain-water goods, roofing, paving etc before the company will undertake any remedial works (waterproofing, timber treatment, damp proofing) (b) to ensure the maintenance of the building in a sound, weatherproof condition, as listed above, after works are completed (c) where treatment has been carried out in respect of fungal attack or wood boring insects, property should be inspected annually by appropriate expert whose written findings must be produced in support of any claim. Our Guarantee does not cover the failure of any work undertaken by the company if the client does not comply completely with these conditions.
  1. The report on which this estimate is based is copyright and is the property of Matheson Damp Services Ltd. It is supplied for the Client’s use only and cannot be put to any other use.
  1. Payment Terms. Payment for any work (including written report), undertaken by Matheson Damp Services Ltd is required immediately on completion and receipt of invoice. A 40% deposit on all works will be invoiced within 7 days of work commencing. Guarantees will not be issued until all monies have been received and cleared through our bank account. Guarantees are underwritten by the product manufacturer and can take up to 21 days to process.

Our Damp Services

Rising Damp Matheson Damp Services

Rising Damp

Rising damp can lead to structural damage within buildings if left untreated.

Wet and Dry Rot Treatment Matheson Damp Services

Dry and Wet Rot

When unwanted moisture finds its way into a building, wooden joists, floors and roof timbers are often affected.

Water Penetration Matheson Damp Services

Water Penetration

Water is a persistent invader and will find a way to gradually work its way into the fabric of the building.

Timber Treatment Matheson Damp Services

Timber Infestation

Infestation by wood boring insects can lead to extensive damage to timber throughout a property unless treated.
Condensation and Mould Matheson Damp Se

Condensation & Mould

Often caused by poor ventilation and inadequate circulation, mould and condensation require treatment.
Basement Waterproofing Matheson Damp Se

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing allows the use of an otherwise damp and miserable space to be safe, dry and habitable.

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