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At Matheson Damp Services, we provide a range of damp services across Scotland but our main area of operation is the central belt. No matter what your damp related issue is, you can rest assured our team are ready to help. We offer free damp surveys to get to the bottom of your problem and then clearly explain how we can remedy it with the correct repair.

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Our Damp Proofing and
Timber Treatment Services

Whether you’re a property developer or a homeowner, letting agency or commercial building owner, keeping your property free of any damp and timber infestation is key for maintaining your property value. The team at Matheson Damp Services provide a range of timber treatment and damp proofing services across Scotland. 

Here is a list of just some of the specialist damp services and damp treatments that we offer.

Rising Damp Matheson Damp Services

Rising Damp

Rising damp can lead to structural damage within buildings if left untreated.

Rising Damp Matheson Damp Services

Dry and Wet Rot

When unwanted moisture finds its way into a building, wooden joists, floors and roof timbers are often affected.

Rising Damp Matheson Damp Services

Water Penetration

Water is a persistent invader and will find a way to gradually work its way into the fabric of the building.

Rising Damp Matheson Damp Services

Timber Infestation

Infestation by wood boring insects can lead to extensive damage to timber throughout a property unless treated.
Rising Damp Matheson Damp Services

Condensation & Mould

Often caused by poor ventilation and inadequate circulation, mould and condensation require treatment.
Rising Damp Matheson Damp Services

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing allows the use of an otherwise damp and miserable space to be safe, dry and habitable.

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